Frequently Asked Questions

We remove furniture, appliances, clothing, household items, household trash and most items around the house. We remove some household hazmat items. We also demolish and remove outdoor structures includes sheds, play sets, decks, gazebos, hot tubs, above ground pools. Not sure? Just ask us! Sorry, we do NOT take unruly children, spouses, or in-laws!

We generally charge by the load as indicated by the rate schedule on our website. Rates include labor, tolls and disposal fees. We may charge a little extra for extra heavy loads as we are charged by weight at the recovery facilities. Send us a photo of the items for a quote. Don’t worry, we aren’t into the “hard sell”, and we won’t bombard you with junk (see what we did there?) emails.

Fill out our form with your information and give us 3 days that work or email us and include your name, number and your address. If your preferred date is available, we will provide you with a two-hour appointment window and text you when we are 30 minutes away. We will call you if your preferred dates are not available to save time.

We try to donate and find homes for usable items that will have life (and any donation receipts are sent to our client). We deliver unusable items to a green recovery facility where glass and metal are recycled, and burnable items are used in a cogeneration plant as fuel to create energy instead of burning coal. We do NOT use landfill facilities.

We accept all major debit and credit cards, cash, and PayPal.

We treat our staff well with fair wages and other benefits. Tipping is not necessary, but the guys always appreciate a little lunch money when a client feels the service is excellent. Tips added to credit card payments are passed to the crew..