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Not everyone who hangs on to old household items is a hoarder, but with today’s sensationalist media platforms it would be easy to think otherwise. There are a number of shows on TV that focus on people with serious medical conditions who refuse to throw anything away and other shows that follow people who simply

sit on valuable possessions for decades. While it’s true that sometimes we cling to sentimental items that bring back positive memories from the past, often times people just become forgetful and useless items pile up in the attic or the garage or extra storage space until it becomes virtually unmanageable.

If you no longer have use for certain items in your house, it might just be time to throw them away for good. It can certainly feel difficult to give up personal belongings but if you haven’t used something in years, it’s probably time to let go

The good news is you don’t necessarily have to throw the item away for good. In fact, there is the old saying: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Even if you have no use for something, it could become a meaningful addition to another’s home.

Think about how good it would feel to clear some space in your house and organize your belongings while someone else gives your “trash

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